Are techies poly? Or are polyamorous people techies?

Are engineers really more likely to be polyamorous?

This looks and feels a bit more like a subtle advertisement for a poly dating website, but it has a few interesting morsels of food for thought. It often appears that a number of the Utah Polyamorists (who actively attend meetups for our group, or that regularly engage fellow members online) are technically savvy and are bent toward engineering-related fields.

If we were to conduct a census, would that feeling stack up against the numbers? Could we draw anything from it? It may be that polyamorists who are more technical to begin with come forward to join online forums and utilize new forms of digital dating, rather than those folks composing a good percentage of the overall polyamorous population pie.

What do you think?



One thought on “Are techies poly? Or are polyamorous people techies?

  1. dave94015 says:

    I’ve noticed that brighter people are at least more accepting of #polyamory and may eventually participate in the lifestyle…but techies around here are generally into one thing: technology!

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