From Council to Board!

As part of our commitment to transparency, here’s a report of recent actions taken by the Utah Polyamory Society admin team.

Most of the admin team met with outside consultants this weekend (June 14-16) to accomplish the following:

-We took the first steps toward incorporating the Utah Polyamory Society as a nonprofit organization
-We refined our mission and values statements
-We discussed methods to expand diversity and engagement in our admin team as well as our community overall
-We fleshed out the structure of our board
-We laid the groundwork for bylaws
-We began expanding, refining, and improving our community guidelines

We’ll be meeting in about two weeks to review our draft bylaws (including election procedures and term limits), finalize board positions and committees and their descriptions, and address anything else necessary to incorporate. We’ll have another update for you after this, and we’ll be looking for individuals to join us in these new positions we’re creating, to be elected by our community.

Thank you
-The UPS Council