Council Members

Below you will find the biographies of the Utah Polyamory Society’s council members



Born helpless, nude, and unable to provide for himself, Ford was eventually able to overcome these obstacles to become a raconteur, a relationship anarchist, and The Rocketeer. Like most Utah natives, he is compelled to shout “give, o give” if anyone sings “Give said the little stream” in a public place, but has yet to … Continue reading Ford


It sounds like John-carlo (no “S”). He is one of the newest members of the council. Bringing a unique set of life experiences and personal history to the table, he hopes to honor the community’s confidence by fostering safety, equality, and growth. Giancarlo is a geek, multilingual, and a pantheist. He enjoys the theatrical and … Continue reading Giancarlo


Jocelyn is as full of love as she is of life. She parents, partners, and plays with a variety of communities, and we are more than proud to have her join the UPS council. If you need someone to drive a big truck, give you a big hug, give some bomb-ass advice, or just generally treat you … Continue reading Jocelyn


When Krista first heard the word “Polyamory,” she realized that in one way or another it was something she had been doing all her life. It took her some time and lot of questions, however, before she was able to commit herself fully to the lifestyle, but once she did it felt natural. Krista has … Continue reading Krista