Council Members

Tenita is looking into the camera with a small smirk. She has dark skin and short hair and is wearing a red plaid shirt while sitting in front of a window with white curtains.

Tenita (she/her/hers)

Hi, Tenita here. Let’s see, Solo-Polyamory and RA resonates the most with me and that’s what my polya looks like. My primary role here is facilitating the Ogden Meetup. A Detroit native and will always go hard for the D. Yes, I know how that sounds. The Air Force brought me to Utah – it has been home for some time now and it’s been good. These days I make a living passionately working in RF engineering. Mom to a spunky lil kid.

I joined the group a couple of years ago; lurked, learned, and found acceptance here. This community has given so much in the smallest and largest most meaningful ways. Coming from feeling small, isolated, and ultimately broken for loving how I do, to find so many brave and tremendous people here has meant the world to me. It is a privilege to do what I can a council member and be a hand amongst many to support and cultivate this precious space.

Love with vehement enthusiasm.

Patrick has taken a selfie on a rainy day in a field with some colorful tents, chairs, and people in the background. He has light skin and is wearing a red zip-up sweater over a purple shirt. He has brown hair and a beard and mustache, as well as a nostril piercing.

Patrick (he/him/his)

I have learned that there are some people who feel like polyamory is a lifestyle which they learn, and others who feel it is closer to an orientation. I feel like I identify as polyamorous as an orientation, as it has been the way I process relationships and people even before I learned there was a word for it. I feel like I’ve always been this way. One of my partners and I explored nonmonogamy, and eventually came to identify as polyamorous. I approached it as I do many things, with a combination of active practice, communication, and research with plenty of reading.

I’m an IT professional, a registered nurse, and an educator. I am a lifelong learner, and have a broad range of interests, from human rights and political philosophy, to public health and medicine, to computing, history, art, and many others. I enjoy spending time with my family, listening to music, reading and researching, and exploring.

As I became more active in the Utah Polyamory Society, I was asked if I was interested in joining the Moderator team and eventually asked to join the Admin Council. I enjoy helping newcomers, answering questions, offering education and support. I currently lead the Peer Support Group monthly event, and enjoy the opportunity to connect with the community while creating a supportive environment for people of all levels of experience, from curious to new to seasoned.One of my partners and I explored nonmonogamy, and eventually came to identify as polyamorous. I approached it as I do many things, with a combination of active practice, communication, and research with plenty of reading.

Misty is looking directly at the camera with a small smile on her face. She has light skin, short brown hair styled in a faux-hawk, and glasses. She is wearing a black shirt with a purple, blue, and white infinity scarf.

Misty (she/her/hers)

I’ve been a member of the UPS Council since 2016, and I help moderate & manage the Facebook Group, co-host Cocktails, and manage a lot of the smaller details behind the scenes to help things run smoothly.

I’m a queer disabled woman. The lens through which I view the world and my practice of polyamory is rooted in principles of intersectional feminism and relationship anarchy, specifically the principles of inclusion, autonomy, accountability, and equality.

I’m fluent in American Sign Language and I know a lot about a bunch of different things. My hobbies include cross stitching, doing my best to keep the plants in my garden alive, and learning new things, like how to play my ukulele.

I am incredibly grateful to be a part of this community and look forward to doing more of what I can to make it a community I’m proud to be a part of.

Kelsey is standing at the end of a small pier smiling at the camera. She has light skin, medium-long brown hair. She is wearing a black knee-length dress with a denim jacket, and big sunglasses.

Kelsey (she/her/hers)

I have been a member of the UPS council for a few months and my role is to help moderate the Facebook Group. I am an introverted, queer, cis lady who has been exclusively practicing polyam for about 5 years. I know some stuff about sex work, sexual health, group sex, mental illness and economics. I love podcasts, bubble baths, and metacommunication.

Now for the mushy stuff: UPS is the home and community that I spent years looking for. I feel privileged to be a part of this thing and tremendously grateful for the space y’all have provided for me to learn and grow. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Jocelyn is looking to her left, smiling directly into the camera. She is outside with rocks and greenery behind her. She has light skin and is wearing a pink-red plaid shirt with torn-off sleeves and a straw cowboy hat.

Jocelyn (she/her/hers)

I’ve been practicing polyamory for nearly 30 years. I identify as queer, I’m a parent to a seventeen year-old, and I teach philosophy and composition at a university. I parent, partner, and play with a variety of communities, and my current role is primarily facilitating the monthly meeting of Queers in Polyamory (formerly PolyQ) and coordinating UPS presence in Pride events across the state, including Utah Pride (here in Salt Lake), Ogden Pride, Provo Pride, Moab Pride, and erstwhile Pride of Southern Utah (in St. George). If you need someone to drive a big truck, give you a big hug, give some bomb-ass advice, or just generally treat you right then I have you covered.

Giancarlo has light skin, red hair, a beard and mustache, and is looking to his right. He has a small silver hoop in the lobe of his ear.

Giancarlo (he/him/his)

My name sounds like John-carlo (no “S”). Bringing a unique set of life experiences and personal history to the table, I hope to honor the community’s confidence by fostering safety, equality, and growth. My current contribution is primarily logistical and event support.

I work a lot (show business, baby), practice Kitchen Table/family style polyamory, and have recently been dubbed step father sans matrimony. Something I know a lot about is stagecraft and event management.

I’m a geek, multilingual, and a pantheist. I enjoy the theatrical and martial arts, golf, and team based/competitive games and sports. As an alumnus of two military schools, you can expect me to hold honesty, integrity, and community in high regard. I have an even-tempered demeanor, and welcome all (consensual forms of) contact and constructive criticisms.

Ford is taking a selfie in his dining room. He has light skin, glasses, and a beard and mustache. He is looking at the camera with a soft smile and is wearing a black button up long sleeve shirt with purple suspenders with white dots.

Ford (he/him/his)

Born helpless, nude, and unable to provide for myself, I was eventually able to overcome these obstacles to become a raconteur, a relationship anarchist, and The Rocketeer. Like most Utah natives, I am compelled to shout “Give, o give” if anyone sings “Give said the little stream” in a public place, but have yet to see an apricot tree bearing popcorn. I’m a man of odd enthusiasms – side-effects of my commitment to attempting to live a life of authenticity. It’s rare to find me without my trusty ukulele, Wanda, and I require very little provocation to play and sing, especially if you’re willing to sing along. I also design cross stitch patterns and can frequently be found stitching them up.

I’m happy to have found a home and a community in the Utah Polyamory Society, and proud to been afforded the opportunity to help it become the success that it has. At this point, I mainly help co-host Cocktails and moderate the Facebook Group. I look forward to seeing where the group can go from here as I grow along with the community.

Daniel is smiling at the camera and wearing a blue-gray shirt. He has light skin, piercing blue eyes, and gray/silver hair down to his shoulders. We can only see from his shoulders up.

Daniel (he/him/his)

I’ve been in and out of polyamory since 1974. I have tried and pretend to myself that I could be monogamous. After many dramas, and a few adventures, I realized I’m always polyamorous.

I work as a Feldenkrais practitioner, and many of my sessions are about finding physical resolutions to sexual abuse and assaults. I also work on issues of gender identity and physical presentation. Occasionally, my professional training gives me perspective to offer our community.

Friends and colleagues help me learn more about issues of bias and marginalization. Communicating regularly with advocates for women, POC, LGBTQ+, persons with disabilities and/or chronic illness, and other oppressed groups continues to be informative.

My goal here is to help the group members support each other. Many of us have been wounded around our sexual expression. I hope we can take those wounds and grow into a force for healthy sexuality, whatever that may mean to each of us. Kindness, clarity, and effectiveness can be nurtured.