Danielle is colorful both inside and out.  She is generally easy to spot in a crowd due to her ever-changing hair color.  Danielle is a proud lover of television, music and film.  Some of her favorite shows include Boston Legal, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, New Girl, Grey’s Anatomy and so many more.  Danielle is a software developer and aspiring content producer.  You may recognize Danielle from her adventures in outfits and twirling on Instagram.

Danielle is excited to join the council and contribute more to the community she has actively participated in for years. Danielle has never dated monogamously; however, she only started identifying as polyamorous a few months before her friend dragged her to her first event.  Since then she has grown in her understanding of polyamory and has also adopted the philosophy of Relationship Anarchy.  Danielle is always evolving and learning.  She is passionate about individual autonomy, consent culture, and body positivity.