10966498_10205579669948436_386142366_nBorn helpless, nude, and unable to provide for himself, Ford was eventually able to overcome these obstacles to become a raconteur, a relationship anarchist, and The Rocketeer. Like most Utah natives, he is compelled to shout “give, o give” if anyone sings “Give said the little stream” in a public place, but has yet to see an apricot tree bearing popcorn. He’s a man of odd enthusiasms and he’s a bit eccentric–side-effects of his commitment to attempting to live a life of authenticity. It’s rare to find him without his trusty ukulele, Wanda, and he requires very little provocation to play and sing, especially if you’re willing to sing along.

Ford is happy to have found a home and a community in the Utah Polyamory Society, and proud to been afforded the opportunity to help it become the success that it has. He looks forward to seeing where the group can go from here as he grows along with the community.