jenndogsJenn is. She’s pretty sure about that. She’s willing to entertain contrary opinions on just about everything else, but she takes a hard-line stance on ontology. She hails from the suburbs of Utah, where she refined her tastes for the unconventional and especially the absurd. Jenn wears many hats, quite literally, but during the days you’ll find her wrangling wild data on the open prairie, and at night indulging long-suppressed fantasies of joining the circus. In terms of pigeon-holed poly options, she favors relationship anarchy, though she’s perpetually relearning (and redefining) the ropes. Her booze of choice is scotch, her favorite Joss Whedon production is Dollhouse, and she thinks non-parallel lists are endlessly amusing. Jenn is happy to find herself in the Utah poly community, where she’s encountered a wealth of peers who value kindness, community, and ethics over rote conformity. She is eager to see UPS flourish and is excited to help as a facilitator and organizer.