10956015_10205799665014611_948775495_nWhen Krista first heard the word “Polyamory,” she realized that in one way or another it was something she had been doing all her life. It took her some time and lot of questions, however, before she was able to commit herself fully to the lifestyle, but once she did it felt natural.

Krista has a love and passion for animals, theatre, crafts, and being the straight man who sets other people up for hilarious jokes. She also enjoys pina coladas and getting caught in the rain, and she will sing showtunes at you if you hold still long enough.

Krista had many positive role models who meant a great deal to her as she was learning the ropes of poly, and she’s excited to be able to pass on the things that she has learned to other newcomers, and to help support and further the organization as a whole. She hopes to be available to other people pursuing ethically non-monogamous lifestyles to help mentor those to whom she can offer guidance and some of her wisdom.