“…sexuality outside the field of monogamy well may open us to a different sense of community, intensifying the question of where one finds enduring ties.”

— Judith Butler, Undoing Gender


Speaking of freedom…

“For me, any arrangement which would involve the love of only one at a time would be sufficient to condemn it. Not to be free to love is the hardest of all slavery. But marriage is like taking a path in which there is only room for two. And a man and a woman cannot take up a position before the world as dearest friends or lovers–call the relation by any name you choose–without by that action cutting themselves off from all fullness and spontaneity of other love and friendship.”
Zelm (Sarah Holmes), 1888

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Am I a Fool for Opening My Marriage, Or Can I Learn to Be Okay with My Wife Having a Lover?

I think a lot of people find themselves in this boat as they venture into poly from existing monogamous relationships (or a history of being monogamous, even). “…[W]hat can happen when we are so afraid of losing our One Good Thing [is] that we in fact cause our worst fears to come true.”

Feel free to comment on your experiences around overcoming the initial fears and jealous pitfalls you may have encountered early in poly – and how you worked through it! Enjoy!

Winter is coming….

Louise_De_Hem_-_1910_-_Pandora's_BoxAnd by winter we mean blog content!

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