UPS Cocktails (21+ only)

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A purely social event, allowing members to get to know one another in a casual bar environment. This event is sponsored by the UPS and hosted by Sun Trapp. As always, please tip well and let them know how grateful we are that they host us for free.

We will have the section by the back bar reserved for us as well as a large portion of the patio. Just look for the signs and table toppers. If you are new, just come on in and introduce yourself. You can also look for your cruise director wearing the bright green sash if you are feeling overwhelmed or shy. 

We suggest carpooling or using your favorite ride-share to get to the event and home after. There is a small lot across the street that will be open to us as well as street parking, but pay close attention to signs!

Sun Trapp is wheelchair accessible! There is a rear entrance on the patio where we’ll be, and the dance floor and back bars are accessible from there. There are also accessible bathrooms in the back, behind the outside bar. If you need mobility accommodations, please let us know and we can meet you outside, or you can use the ramp up to the front door to let the staff know. 
The inside of the bar can get quite loud and crowded, but outside is generally much more quiet. The music does get turned up at 9pm, as a heads up to those who may need sensory accommodations. Please message the Utah Polyamory Society page or the hosts of this event (Misty Penman or J Wilford Neville) with any other questions or accommodation requests. 

Also, Facebook’s new rules only allow us to invite our friends, so, if you are inclined, feel free to invite all of your friends who are part of the poly family so that no one gets left out.