Board Election Process


As part of our commitment to transparency, we, the UPS Council, are transitioning to having a board that is majority composed by community-elected members. Members will be asked to self-nominate using a Google Form, posted in the Facebook Group. The information submitted by nominees will be shared with the group prior to elections. 

Suggested Requirements for Service on the UPS Board

Candidates for service on the UPS board must be members of UPS. It is suggested that individuals selected be active participants in the online forum, and, if possible, regular attendees of live events. Additionally, it is suggested that candidates for service on the UPS board have some experience with community organizing, Robert’s Rules of Order, forum moderation, sex education, and/or alternative justice processes. In the spirit of rotation, no individual shall serve more than two consecutive terms (6 consecutive years) on the Board.

Commitment to Diversity and Representation 

The members of the Utah Polyamory Society are diverse. The Board shall strive to reflect the geographic, socioeconomic, ability, gender, and sexual diversity that exists in the community we serve. 

Election Procedure

At least thirty days prior to the opening of the official UPS Board Member Elections UPS council shall:

  • Notify the UPS Group of upcoming elections
  • Open the Self-Nomination Form and notify the Group
  • Post the election procedure, and suggested board member requirements

No more than fourteen days before election opens, close nominations, and confirm nominee information.

At least seven days prior to the opening of the Election Ballot, post nominee biography information to the Group.

On election open day, post link to Google form for voting. 7 days later, delete post and close voting. 

The candidates (2019 elections, this will be 3, in future elections this will be 2) with the most votes will become members of the board. 

Should a candidate be elected who fails to complete required training, or does not wish to assume the role, the board may appoint someone in their stead.